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Best-In-Class Transparency
Compass IR worked extensively to setup the IR Strategy for a REIT that, initially was the smallest of its quoted peers.

"I just want to congratulate you on the quality and depth of the disclosure in your press release. I think you are setting a new standard for your peer group." -- JMP Securities Analyst, on the Company's Earnings Conference Call

Subsequently the company has tripled its market capitalization, attracted 11 analysts
Listening and Responding
Compass IR worked with a micro-cap that was clearly unloved and under-appreciated. It communicated by “fluffy” press releases, and uninspiring quarterly releases and calls. We reached out to over 350 investors and found that the company’s news covered every aspect of its business except the ones that were important to investors.

We recommended a revised investment thesis and a new communications plan incorporating relevant information and forward-looking statements. This was targeted at a custom-made audience of ~400 institutions, and, from an initial target list of over 525 names, we developed a group of more than 100 newly-engaged investors ready to follow the company’s story

Engaging the Audience
Compass IR worked with an early-stage Biotech company to prepare a triangulation plan. The messaging was crafted and targeted at a customized audience of ~600 Key Opinion Leaders, investors, bankers, analysts and commentators in the specialist therapeutic area.

The company has attracted a major strategic investor and has a ready-made audience for updates on its progress, enhancing the prospects for attracting new partners and capital
Right Message | Right Audience
Compass IR worked with a micro-cap that had tried everything – paid-for research; specialist roadshow organizers (there was not a fund in the Boston-New York corridor that had not been pitched multiple times); stock promoters rewarded with “free” stock, all had delivered less than they had promised.

We re-evaluated their investment thesis, reached out to the right audiences across the US and Europe. We found 25 funds who wanted to meet them and 6 sell-side analysts who wanted to hear the story.